Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Best Display Picture!

Well all thanks to Nishant Doshi here we have the best display picture! This is the #kamina group! Looking forward to have more such display pictures!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Allright, So here i am "tweeting' my time away while i am down with Jaundice .. Well i must say Jaundice in a way has really helped me get the much needed rest in my life. Mom has been caring as always and from morning teas i have shifted to the morning juices and felling healthier than ever before.. However the only issue was regarding ways and means to kill time and Bang on it was very well resolved by Twitter
I was introduced to this site by my friend Shrenik Gandhi and ever since i joined i have been hooked on! Well the enthusiasm grew when i got tweets from Papacj & Ranvir shorey and especially when THE MALLIKA SHERAWAT started following me! For now i am just loving the Twitter world and have already got 41 followers! I hope the tweeting session never ends!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Finally the D-Day !

Well it has been around 2 hours since my birthday has got over and i had the best time ever.
Went clubbing to high lounge with friends and returned at 4 am. Then anti-poker at kunal's place followed by dinner at Nonsense.. was good! All in all had a complete satisfactory birthday!

PS i still am not able to digest the fact that i have turned 21. i think i am growing young with age!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Coming Up shortly - My birthday!!

Only a few hours left for my 21st birthday and i couldn't be more excited. I just got a greeting card from my grand-parents and i couldn't be happier!

Going to high lounge tonight to bring in my birthday and then tom a one day trip.. Everything is seeming to be perfect..

Hope everything turns out to be as good as i am hoping it to be!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cricket match between the Vora's & the Satra's preparation!

Phew .. It's all gearing up.. Long back when i was asked to contribute something to prachi's wedding i proposed an idea of having a cricket match between both the families and to my surprise for the first time my family ( read my dad) LOVED the idea.. So bang i was enthrusted with the task of organising the entire event.

The first thing on my mind was to book the ground .. Don't know why but somehow i kept post-poning the thing taking the entire event lightly and not realising the gravity of the occasion. And finally when i called that guy to book the ground i got jitters when he told me that the ground was not available. After a lot of requests and prayers i managed to have a bite of the ground for fours hours..

So finally the ground has been booked and the stage is set for the cricket match. Lot of other things to be planned for the match. Shall keep everyone posted about the preparations and the latest updates!

The Best gift Ever- A pair of turtles!

ummm.. where do i start with.. okay.. omg this is crazy.. i need to catch some breath first.. and no i am NOT over-reacting.. Today , i.e., 18th of november 2010 has been one of the best days of my life.. Well its just a few days before my birthday and tadaa here i have my first birthday gift playing with me - A Pair of turtles!!!

Well the story goes like this .. I happened to talk to a friend called sheetal on my blackberry(i am not showing off .. anyway my bb pin is 225618EB) lol.. jokes apart. So we were just discussing about my birthday coming up and stuff and she as any normal person would asked me what my wish for this birthday was.. After having a casual chat over the most unlikeliest gift that i wanted (TURTLES) we just let the topic go and i forgot ll bout it.. i was in the income tax office that time and having a pathetic time there.. all in ll my day was worse than any other normal day..

Tired and exhausted i somehow managed to reach home only to know that my house was electricity less! So not letting myself get more frustrated i decided to go for a drive and meet a friend called Parthik..

Now comes the TURN.. rather a U-TURN to the day..Prachi called me up and asked me to come home because apparently she had a gift for me with her.. knowing Prachi i was very sure that she didn't have anything for me .. At least not a gift for sure.. Anyway i reached there and i saw she standing there with a pair of the cutest turtles in a red tub ... I saw that and i was awe-struck.. i didn't know how to react or rather i just couldn't react.. Yes sheetal had fulfilled her promise of gifting me a a pair of turtles ... i couldn't help but think who was cuter - those turtles playing in the red tub or sheetal who just went out of her way and bought them for me...

Anyway i am posting the first photograph of my darlings for you all to see ..

PS Sheetal is going to come home tomorrow and we will name both of them tommorow!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


It gives me immense displeasure that the university of mumbai has shown such disrespect towards their job .. the way they conduct the exams is pathetic! The way they waste papers in exams by unnecessarily giving 30 pages in the main sheet is shit!